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Professor (I. R.) Dr. Uwe Köster (20.09.2014 †)

Curriculum Vitae

1962 - 1968 Study of Physics (Prof. Dr. P. Haasen / Prof. Dr. E. Hornbogen: Metal Physics) at the University of Göttingen
1968 - 1980 Scientific staff at the Materials Science Institute (Prof. Hornbogen), Department Mechanical Engineering,
Ruhr-University Bochum
1971 Ph.D. University of Göttingen: Decomposition and Crystallization in Rapidly Cooled 
and Vapor-Deposited Al-Ge Alloys (Prof. Dr. E. Hornbogen)
1975 Masing-Gedächtnis-Prize of the German Society of Metals (DGM) for research on:
Recrystallization and Crystallization of Amorphous Semiconductors
1976/77 postdoc at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY (USA): 
Crystallization of Amorphous Si; Contact Reactions in Al-Pd-Si
1980 – 2007 Associate Professor on Materials Science and Corrosion at the Department of Chemical  Engineering, Dortmund University
1986 - 1988 Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Dortmund
1988 - 1995 Member of the Konvent of the University of Dortmund
2001 ISMANAM-2001 senior scientist award (ISMANAM-2001 Ann Arbor)
2001 - 2004 Chair of Materials Science (acting) at the Department of Biochemical & Chemical Engineering,  Dortmund University
2005 Hsun Lee Research Award (Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang, China)


1982 - 1991 Member of the International Advisory Committee for the "Rapidly Quenched Metals (RQ)" Conferences
since 1995 Member of the International Advisory Committee for the ISMANAM Conferences
1986  Organization of the European-Workshop: "New Developments in "Non-Crystalline Metallic Materials" June 1986
in Bad Honnef (together with Prof. Dr. L. Schultz, now: IFW Dresden)
1983 Member of the several program committees, e.g. EUROMAT 1989 in Aachen
since 1987  Member of various planning groups for the German Space Projects (DARA)
Sept./Oct. 1988  Visiting Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Kliment Ochridski-University, Sofia (Bulgaria); lectures on "Phase Transformations in Metastable Alloys"
Nov./Dec. 1989  Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Physics of Materials, McGill University, Montreal (Canada); lectures on
"Transmission Electron Microscopy in Materials Science"
Visiting Professor at CALTECH (in the group of Prof. Dr. W.L. Johnson, Materials Department), Pasadena (USA)
Jan. - April 1996  Visiting Professor at the Materials Department, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva (Israel); lectures on "Thermal Stability and Properties of Metastable Materials"
Sept. 1998 Co-Chairman:  LAM 10 (10. Int. Conf. on Liquid and Amorphous Metals) in Dortmund
1998 - 2004  Member of the International Advisory Board for the ICQ Conferences (International Conferences on Quasicrystals)
2003 - 2005  Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials
Visiting Professor at the Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science (IMR, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Shenyang, China) 

Topics of Research

  • Crystallization, mechanical properties, hydrogen storage, corrosion and oxidation of metallic glasses, quasicrystals and nanocrystalline materials.
  • Composite materials; solid state contact reactions in thin film couples.
  • Characterization of microstructure by TEM, SEM, optical microscopy as well as X-ray diffraction  -  correlation between properties and microstructure as well as analysis of micromechanism during phase transformations.


  • Basic lectures and practical exercises on materials science for students of the Departments of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Advanced lectures and practical exercises for students of the Departments of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Physics on:
    • Metallic Materials
    • Glasses and Ceramics
    • Introduction to Polymers
    • Biological and Biomedical Materials
    • Materials Problems in Energy Technology
    • Electron Microscopy in Materials Science  

Most important Publications

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  • H.Schröder, K.Samwer, U.Köster: On the Micromechanism of Metallic Glass Formation by Solid State Reactions, Phys.Rev.Lett. 54 (1985), 197-200
  • U.Köster: Micromechanisms and Kinetics of Crystallization below the Glass Transition Temperature, Annals New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 484:
     Dynamic Aspects of Structural Change in Liquids and Glasses, New York 1987, p.39-53
  • U.Köster: Surface Crystallization of Metallic Glasses, Mater.Sci. & Eng. 97 (1988), 233-239
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  • H.Choi-Yim, R.Busch, U.Köster, W.L.Johnson:  Synthesis and characterization of particulate reinforced Zr57Nb5Al10Cu15.4Ni12.6 bulk metallic glass composites, Acta Mater. 47 (1999), 2455-2462;
  • B.I.Wehner, U.Köster: Microstructural evolution of alumina layers on Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystal at high temperature oxidation, Oxidation of Metals 54 (2000), 445-456;
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  • For additional information see:    http://hdl.handle.net/2003/26246