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Student accommodation is available either in hostels located not too far from the campus or in other public student houses that are spread around the city. However, it is common for students in Germany to live in private accommodation, often in flat sharing communities, which are widely available. For students admitted to the Chemical Engineering programme, the coordinator's office can unfortunately not organise accommodation. Having received admissions students are handed out an information document and a list with addresses to turn to for download.

Monthly rents in dormatories range between about € 180 and € 280, depending on the standard. Cheaper rooms have a shared bathroom and kitchen, whereas more expensive rooms have a separate bathroom and kitchen. Students may apply for their accommodation through the 'Studierendenwerk', which operates halls of residence of various standards in and around Dortmund; early application is essential as there is always a long waiting list and success cannot be guaranteed.

Regardless of the type of accommodation, a contract has to be signed, normally for a minimum period of six months. A deposit, normally equivalent to two months rent, will also have to be paid in advance. Rent has to be paid from the first day of the month in which you move in.

After arrival, students have the possibility to independently look for private housing by searching on the internet, daily news paper by checking the notice board on campus. More information on how to get an accommodation on the website of the international Office.



Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick
Koordinatorin für Lehre und Studium