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Course Layout

The programme starts in October with a preparatory semester for students having passed a bachelor's programme of less than 7 semesters or a non-ECTS* (European Credit Transfer System) Bachelor's programme. Consequently, the course lasts two years for all these students. Only after the successful completion of the preparatory semester by the end of the following summer semester students are admitted to further Master's studies in the next semesters. Detailed regulations are laid down in the "Official Admission regulations" available here. Being obligatory for these candidates the presemester is strongly recommended also for ECTS bachelors, too.

However, other students could start with semester 2 in the summer semester and pass a programme of at least three semesters.

The programme is intended for students having a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering or an equivalent degree. All courses are given in English. The numbers in brackets inform about credits of the respective courses. Click on he links to get more information about the courses.

Semester Compulsories

Introduction to Process Balancing


Industrial Chemistry
Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

Laboratory course (4)

Language Course German or English (4) Introduction to Process Dynamics and Control

Fluid Separations (4)

Reaction Engineering (4)
and Simulation

 PSE Lab



Electives according to module handbook *

(6 or 16) **

II Particle Technology (4) Conceptual Design (4) Process Performance (5) Group Project (10)
III Master's Thesis

Mandatory Courses Electives



Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick
Koordinatorin für Lehre und Studium