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Living in Dortmund is affordable compared to many other cities in Europe. Students may expect a living cost of about 850 € per month including health insurance. This sum would guarantee housing, living and some cultural expenses at a students' level as well as the administrative fee. Funding for the first semester should be secured before coming to Dortmund. There is only limited time to work as well as your opportunities will be restricted by the "Aufenthaltsgenehmigung" (residence permit). The department offers a limited number of part-time employments for the best students after the first semester.


Tuition free

There are no tuition fees but only an administrative fee of around 305 € per semester is charged. The administrative fee includes a free ride on a large public transport network in and around Dortmund. All in all, please consider monthly costs of roughly € 750 to 900. Housing and living expenses are not part of the tution and administrative fees. However, living expenses for students in Germany are rather economical. Accommodation is cheaply available, a university cafeteria provides good value meals.

Estimated Overall Programme Costs

Expenses 2021

Health insurance

For studying in Germany a health insurance is compulsory. German insurance companies offer health insurance for students at a special rate costing around € 80 per month; for students older than 30 years it may be a bit more expensive. The German health insurance offers an excellent service that is well worth the money. Students do not have to organise the health insurance in their home country. Yet it is possible to do so.


Sufficient financial means are an important prerequisite for successful studies.  There are several scholarships offered either by industrial sponsors or by the German government. For detailed information please contact your local German Embassy or Consulate or the scholarship data base of Deutscher Akadademischer Austauschdienst . The decision criteria for scholarships is mostly the professional qualification - rather than the social background of the applicant. Mostly you would not receive a scholarship for the whole duration of your studies. TU Dortmund University as well as most other German universities does not grant scholarships. Normally you will have to apply for a scholarship from your home country. You should be aware of the fact that the duration of processing a scholarship application can be up to one year.

Industrial Placements & Assistantship Jobs

Due to the excellent industrial infrastructure and the close liaison of the department with the German chemical industry, students can organise industrial placements for the summer break. Employment opportunities within the department itself are limited. Application for an assistantship job is only possible after the arrival and in most cases only after the first exams.



Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick
Koordinatorin für Lehre und Studium