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Department Council

The Department Council decides on fundamental Department budget, teaching, study, and research matters. It elects the Dean and the Vice-dean.

The duties of the Department Council include:

  • the coordination of teaching and research
  • deciding on structure and development plans
  • approving the budget
  • laying down the Department's personnel policy e.g. appointment proposals or the plan to support women
  • widening the scope of teaching and improving its quality
  • laying down the legal basis of the course of study; for example study and examination regulations


Prof. Stephan Lütz (Dekan bis 30.09.2020)
Prof. Gerhard Schembecker (Prodekan bis 30.09.2020)
Prof. Norbert Kockmann (Prodekan bis 30.09.2020)
Prof. Gabriele Sadowski
Prof. Markus Thommes
Prof. Sebastian Engell
Prof. Markus Nett
Prof. David Agar
Prof. Peter Ehrhard
Prof. Oliver Kayser (Vertr.)
Prof. Jörg Tiller (Vertr.)
Prof. Dieter Vogt (Vertr.)

M.Sc. Kai Kruber

TA Thorsten Moll
TA Christian Nowacki (Vertr.)
VA Stefanie Holmes (Vertr.)
TA Friedrich Barth (Vertr.)
TA Ingo Hanning (Vertr.)

B.Sc. Mario Hermes
B.Sc. Katrin Halle
stud.ing. Evelyn Wolf (Vertr.)
stud.ing. David Vockroth (Vertr.)
stud.ing. Felix Nieland (Vertr.)
stud.ing. Florian Lehmann (Vertr.)
stud.ing. Moritz Greive (Vertr.)

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Lütz

Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

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Emil-Figge-Str. 66
44227 Dortmund
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