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Academic Co-ordinator

As a member of the Dean's Office she works closely together with the Vice-dean for Teaching and Studies; as a co-ordinator she is concerned with all questions involving teaching or studies.

Her duties include the following:

  • Study orientation and counselling of applicants
  • Counselling students (e.g. doing)
  • Organising and coordinating the Master's degree course
  • Planning of written examinations
  • Administering the Erasmus, Sokrates,  and IAESTE exchange programmes
  • Maintaining contacts with schools
  • PIA contact person [managing students' complaints]
  • Administering Module Hand Book
  • Drafting course timetables and room administration
  • Evaluation of teaching
  • Alumni

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Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick
Academic Co-ordinator
Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

Room BCI-G2-3.25

Emil-Figge-Straße 70
44227 Dortmund
Fon: +49 (231) 7 55 30 30