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Digital Career Week 2023

The Digital Career Week of the BCI faculty took place from 20 - 23 March 2023. The event was aimed at master's students who are considering starting a career.

About 50 participants took the opportunity to learn about the transition from study to work in four different workshops. The first day, led by Prof. Anja Haftmann, focused on the topic of job applications and was devoted to the subject of job applications, with tips not only on how to prepare application documents but also on how to conduct job interviews.

In the second workshop, the participants dealt with the various entry-level positions and the associated qualifications and requirements. Guests were Markus Wittig (Chemetall GmbH) and Lennart Helwes (Utek GmbH).

Women in the engineering profession? Participants discussed this at FrauendING with BCI graduates Tamara Grüters and Laura David (Bayer AG) and Anke Kujawski from the TU Dortmund University's Equal Opportunities Office.

On the last day of the career week, the focus was on the opportunities and difficulties for foreign graduates of the PSE program to start their careers. Gauri Bhagwat (plantIng GmbH), Baris Elmaci (Lanxess AG), Noah Pecoraro (Bayer AG) and Keivan Rahimi (Ineos GmbH) as well as Julia Pehle (International Office TU Dortmund University) reported on their experiences and gave advice for this group of applicants.

The career week was moderated by Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick and Marie-Christine Boos.