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You can display the timetables directly from the LSF (after activation).

  • Log in to the LSF with your TU Dortmund account data, only then will you see all the data.
  • Go to Veranstaltungen -> Studiengangpläne (Liste)  to your corresponding course and semester
    (The links in the table below will only work as soon as the LSF is activated centrally. This is usually the case a few weeks before the semester starts).
  • For more clarity, it is therefore better to change the view to the corresponding calendar week, e.g. to the first week, or to "Vorlesungszeitansicht".
    (The display of the syllabus is set to "semester view" by default before the start of the semester)

 Please note that you have to register for certain courses, e.g. Technisches Englisch.

You can find old timetables in the LSF review once you have registered.

Handling tip: To make it easier for you to get an overview, or if you are putting together an individual timetable from elements of different semesters, you can "reserve" courses (where you would also register). To do this, click on "vormerken" and "markierte Termine vormerken".he event will then be displayed under start functions in your "persönlichen Stundenplan" angezeigt. By compiling a personal timetable, the display also becomes clearer in the high semesters when a large number of specialisations appear in the plans.

Please log in to view the timetables in the LSF. Change the calendar weeks in the display to the calendar week you are looking for or to the general "Vorlesungszeitansicht"!

If the timetable of the semester you are looking for is not visible, even if you have selected the correct semester at the top right, this is because you are not logged in or the preview has not yet been released.
Subject to change without notice.

Summer term

Semester Bachelor   Master    
1     LSF Timetable LSF Timetable LSF Timetable
2 LSF Timetable  LSF Timetable      
3     Master's Thesis Master's Thesis Master's Thesis
4 LSF Timetable LSF Timetable      
6 LSF Timetable LSF Timetable      


Semester Bachelor   Master    
Presemester         LSF Stundenplan
1 LSF Timetable LSF Timetable      
2     LSF Timetable LSF Timetable LSF Timetable
3 LSF Timetable LSF Timetable      
5 LSF Timnetable LSF Timetable      
7 LSF Timetable LSF Timetable