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Interested students find out about study opportunities at the Faculty of BCI

Four scenes are shown at the BCI. The first scene shows 3 students in the kimchi workshop spreading Chinese cabbage with spice paste in a bowl with their hands. The 3 remaining scenes show groups of students standing in various BCI laboratories and receiving explanations from employees about the shown equipment. © Dean's Office BCI ​/​ TU Dortmund

As part of the Dortmund University Days, we welcomed a large number of students who wanted to find out more about the courses offered by the BCI faculty.

Interested visitors were given an insight into research, teaching and the associated job profiles of bioengineers and chemical engineers in various workshops, laboratory tours, an experimental lecture on the ChemCar and an information event on 17/18 January 2024. The work in the laboratory, where peppermint pastilles and kimchi were produced independently and experiments on superabsorbers were carried out, is likely to be particularly memorable for the guests.