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Legal bases

Most important regulations - Where can I find what I need to know?

Prüfungsordnung Bachelor BIW/CIW

Prüfungsordnung Master BIW/CIW

  • Credits
  • Start of study
  • Standard period of study
  • Examination registration
  • Examination duration
  • Fourth attempt/single oral supplementary examination
  • Bachelor thesis (requirements, formalities)
  • Calculation of grades
  • Certificate issuance and change of university


  • Duration and implementation
  • Required activities
  • Procedure for recognition
  • Special issues (e.g. recognition of military or professional activities, obligation to pay health, nursing care, pension and unemployment insurance, leave and illness)


Zugangsordnung Master

  • Admission requirements for the master's program
  • Requirements and defined competences
    (Which requirements do external applicants have to fulfill? Which requirements do I have to fulfill if I want to do the Master CIW after the Bachelor BIW, or vice versa?)
  • Selection of applicants

Enrolled students can find more information about the Legal Foundations at the Digitaler Zentralbereich.