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The question as to what kind of examination you have to take (e.g. module examination or partial performance) and in which semester according to the standard study plan it takes place, is governed by what is stated in the module handbook of the study regulations with which the study programme was started.

The modules/courses and consequently also the examinations vary in the study regulations 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Subject to change without notice.

Binding information can be found on the notice boards of the organising chairs.

Rooms and times can also be found in the LSF via >Veranstaltungen >Veranstaltungen tagesaktuell >Datum Klausur





Registration and deregistration for BCI exams (!) is one week before the exam. Exam registrations can only be made via the Online Dienste der TU Dortmund.
Changes etc. are made via  Prüfungsverwaltung. 

Please note: Different deadlines may apply for examinations of other faculties!

If you have any problems registering or deregistering, please contact directly the Prüfungsverwaltung.

Examination registrations must be made legally binding up to one week before the start of the examination.

All binding information on examinations (place, time, etc.) can be obtained from the responsible chair, e.g. on the homepage or via a notice board. Please note that these examination notices may not be posted in the BCI building, but always at the chair organising the event, i.e. possibly at the Faculty of Physics or Chemistry. Information on the type and duration of the examinations can also be found in the corresponding module handbook.