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Dr. Paul Kerzel

The Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering aims to achieve climate neutrality as one of the first engineering faculties in Germany. Under the guiding principle of "development and improvement of safe, environmentally and resource friendly and effective material changing production processes", it is committed to the highest international quality standards as a place of research and education and is committed to the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development.

The Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering actively assumes its social responsibility for the protection of global livelihoods and, against this background, promotes research, exchange and the transfer of knowledge, values and skills both at the TU Dortmund and beyond, e.g. in the scientific communities.


The Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering aims to reduce environmentally harmful activities without compromising the quality of research and teaching. It develops and promotes appropriate structures and measures in research, teaching and operations. It works closely with other social and university actors and committees. A sustainability officer of the faculty and officers at chair level are committed to sustainability and promote sustainability initiatives of members of the faculty.
Important decisions of the faculty are reviewed with regard to their consequences in terms of climate protection and sustainability.