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Teaching Evaluation at BCI

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Teaching evaluation is one of the most important elements of quality assurance in teaching.
All compulsory courses of the faculty are evaluated, as well as almost all elective courses.

The legal basis is regulated in the Regulations for Quality Management in Teaching and Learning at the Technische Universität Dortmund of 27.12.2019 and the Evaluation Regulations of the Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering.  

Procedure of the teaching evaluation

The teaching evaluation takes place online. Towards the end of the semester, all students are given the opportunity to complete an online questionnaire. A sample questionnaire for lectures can be found here. Special questionnaires are available for the evaluation of the design project, the internships or the project work PEP in the first semester.

Publication of the results

The results of the teaching evaluation are sent in summary form by mail to all students and scientists of the faculty. Once a semester, the advisory board deals with the results of the teaching evaluation. It holds discussions with teachers whose evaluation results are not satisfactory. The advisory board can also recommend general measures, e.g. for the further training of teachers.

The faculty's teaching prize is awarded among the best courses. The BCI student council decides on the award.

Award winners:

2022 Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick for the successful introduction and organization of the peer program "Startelf
2021 Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick, Prof. Stephan Lütz, Dr. Georg Hubmann für the lecture "Klima: Wandel, Wer­te, Wis­sen­schaft“
2020 Prof. Markus Nett (TBL) for the digitalization of the microbiology practical course and Bettina Scharzec (FVT) for the lecture "Thermische Verfahrenstechnik 1"
2018 Rebecca Goebel (FVT), Kai Kruber (FVT) for the lecture "Transportprozesse"
2017 Dr.-Ing. Peter Lakshmanan (SM)
2016 M. Kelz, Ilya Lukin (APT)
2015 Dr.-Ing. Christoph Held (TH)
2014 Kirsten Lindner-Schwentick, Study Coordinator BCI
2013 Dr. Armin Quentmeier (TB)
2012 Dr. Konrad Böttcher (SM)
2011 Dr.-Ing. Daniela Zander (BMP)
2010 Prof. Oliver Kayser (TB)
2009 Prof.-Ing. Dr. Gerhard Schembecker (APT)
2007 Prof.-Ing. Dr. Gerhard Schembecker (APT)
2005 Dr. Frank Katzenberg (BMP)