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The Faculty's Complaint Management

PIA - Problems, Information, Suggestions

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In the spirit of continuous improvement of teaching and studies, the Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering offers various possibilities for submitting suggestions, tips and complaints.

All students can contact the Complaints Management with their problems, suggestions or with a proposal for improvement. To do so, send an e-mail to Mrs. Marie-Christine Boos: pia.bcitu-dortmundde.

Or contact in writing to:

Faculty of Bio- and Chemical Engineering
Complaints Management
Dortmund University of Technology
44221 Dortmund

The mails to PIA first reach the Complains-Manager

If you send a written communication, we ask you to state your name and address, because this is the only way we can ensure feedback to you. Every tip, every complaint that is received will be dealt with and answered to you personally. Your name is only known to the complaints manager and will not be passed on. However, should it appear useful to us in the procedure to hold a direct conversation with all parties involved, you will be asked in advance for permission to do so. In this respect, this procedure is "semi-anonymous". Please understand that anonymous messages will not be answered.*

All procedures received during the month via PIA as well as any measures already initiated will be reported to the Teaching and Studies Commission at its monthly meeting. The latter discusses which measures are to be taken. At the end of the year, all members of the faculty receive the "Quality Report" with an overview of all inputs at PIA and a summary of the measures initiated. You can find the quality report here.

If the faculty does not deal with the complaint satisfactorily from your point of view, you can contact the TU Dortmund University Complaints Management.

The TU Dortmund University Complaints Management is responsible for ensuring that complaints are dealt with by the examination board and that you receive a response. Complaints to the TU Dortmund University Complaints Management/Examination Board should be sent by e-mail to Ms. Simone Schöder or in writing, also stating your name and address, to:

Examination Board
Dortmund University of Technology
44221 Dortmund

*If you still prefer to remain anonymous with your message, you can use the mailbox of the student council.