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Study organization


Your examination regulations specify which compulsory or compulsory elective modules you must take in which semester according to the recommended standard course of study. The module handbook contains all further information on all examinations, e.g. duration or form. Compulsory or elective examinations generally remain unchanged throughout your studies, but changes may occur in the elective courses.

Subject to change without notice.

Binding information can be found on the notice boards of the organizing chairs.

Rooms and times can also be found in the LSF via >Events >Events updated daily >Date of exam




Registration and deregistration for BCI exams (!) is one week before the exam. Exam registrations can only be made via the online services of TU Dortmund University.
Changes etc. are made via the examination administration.

Please note: Different deadlines may apply for exams of other faculties!

If you have problems registering or deregistering, please contact the examination administration directly.examination administration.

Exam registrations must be made legally binding up to one week before the start of the exam.

All binding information on examinations (location, time, etc.) can be obtained from the responsible chair, e.g. on the homepage or via a notice board. Please note that these examination notices may not be located in the BCI building, but always at the chair organizing the event, i.e. possibly at the Faculty of Physics or Chemistry. Information on the type and duration of examinations can also be found in the relevant module handbook.

Application for an examination date outside the regular examination schedule

To check whether you can be granted an examination date outside the regular examination schedule, you must answer the following

Only if all questions are answered with "Yes" can you be granted an examination date outside the regular examination schedule.
Otherwise, the application is inadmissible.


  • Would I have to extend my studies by more than 12 weeks if I were not granted an extraordinary examination date?
  • Is this the last open examination in your degree program (before the final thesis)?
  • Is it an examination offered by a chair or working group of the BCI faculty?
  • Have you registered for the last regular examination in this subject and not deregistered?
  • Was the first examination attempt for the outstanding final examination completed no later than 2 semesters after the semester scheduled for it according to the curriculum?

If all of these conditions apply to you, please complete this application accordingly and submit it to the BCI Examination Board at
together with a current BOSS transcript of records.