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Examination Board


The Examination Board deals with all examination or application-related matters, including the recognition of work, the extension of time limits for written papers, ensuring the proper conduct of examinations, or similar applications such as medical certificates. It decides on the practical interpretation of the examination regulations. It is the first instance in the case of examination-related disputes concerning, for example, the non-recognition of medical certificates or objections to the marks awarded.
In addtion to these functions, the Examination Board is responsible for discussing the development of examinations and study periods on the basis of statistical evaluations of study periods, drop-out rates, and examination results, as well the responses to any problems that may have arisen during the previous examination period in order to be able to offer suggestions on the reform of the examination regulations, study regulations or timetables.
The Examination Board meets twice a year at the beginning of the semester. The relevant members of the Centre for Study Information and Counselling also participate in these non-public meetings where all the applications and questions that have been received in the previous study period are discussed. Applications can, of course, also be made at any time during the semester which will be processed as quickly as possible and then included in the record during the official meetings.

Applications to The Examination Board are addressed to the Chairman in the form of a business letter.


Prof. Jörg Tiller (Vors.)
Prof. David Agar (Vertr. des Vors.)
Prof. Markus Nett
Prof. Peter Ehrhard
Prof. Dieter Vogt (Vertr.)

M.Sc. Thulasi Sasi
M.Sc. N. von Vietinghoff (Vertr.)

David Vockroth
Luisa Evering
Karl Wulle (Vertr.)
Kartin Halle (Vertr.)

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Tiller
Head of Examination Board
Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

Emil-Figge-Straße 66
Room G1-410
44227 Dortmund
Fon: 0231/755-2479

Office hours secretary Prof. Tiller :

Monday -Thursday: 8:30-13:30

Friday closed